Events and Activities

We prepared a rich, diverse and interesting cultural program of the festival. We are always looking for new stories in folk tradition and thus taking care of the cultural and ethnographic heritage of Laško and it surrounding regions.

The Laško Beer and Flowers Festival, as you know it today, has its roots in the age-long tradition of the event

The ethnological tradition in Laško is strongly permeated by local cultural creators, who combine their ideas and love for folk traditions in the Union of Cultural Associations of the Municipality of Laško-Možnar. Preserving folk traditions will be part of the accompanying programme again this year, where you can enjoy a demonstration of ethnological heritage in the municipal courtyard, accompanied by music.


The final act and the highlight of the annual festival is the closing parade of the brewery’s oldtimers, brass bands, majorettes and many other groups, who prepare postcards of the past and present them to the many enthusiastic visitors.

The Laško Beer and Flowers Festival has created “Laški pes” (Eng. “The Laško Dog”), a top culinary street-food novelty on the Slovenian gastronomic map, in a unique local connection.

What do you get when you cross a 200-year-old brewing tradition, excellent local cuisine and a desire for the best festival food that you “munch up” in just seven bites? A Laško Dog!

Rainbnow land

The Rainbow Land, with its wide variety of activities, is a little paradise for children of all generations and, of course, for their companions.

Doors Open Days of Laško Brewery

The Laško Brewery Open Day is coming back to Laško for the biggest legends!

Street events

The Laško Beer and Flowers Festival is also famous for its colourful street events! For the greatest legends, the events start just before dusk!

Plehmuzik Festival 2023

The Beer and Flowers Festival Laško 2023 will officially end with the Plehmuzik Festival. The municipal courtyard will bring and dance to the music of bands from Slovenia and abroad, and the majorettes will skillfully spin to the beat.

Laško Museum

Every year, the Laško Museum traditionally organises the opening of an exhibition, which is open to visitors during the Laško Beer and Flowers Festival. This year, the Museum is preparing an exhibition entitled “LAŠČANIJADA“ (Eng. “Laškolympics”) The exhibition will open on Thursday 13 July 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

During the festival weekend, Laško will be dressed in florals!

The most beautiful festival town in Slovenia is always dressed up in festive colours of the flowers and their stories during the Laško Beer and Flowers Festival.

Laško Art Association

The opening of the exhibition will be organised by The Laško Art Association during the Laško Beer and Flowers Festival. You are invited to see the most beautiful festival town in Slovenia through the eyes of local artists!

House of Generations Laško

During the festival, a wealth of unique handicrafts made by members of the Laško Association of People with Disabilities will be on display in the House of Generations Laško.